June 9, 2017

Something will pop-up

Just trying to keep this place alive. Any thoughts?

July 23, 2016

Emprendimientos 2016

La verdad que tengo muchas ganas de volver a escribir cosas personales... Y tambien en mi nuevo blog de business services.
Antes que nada, estoy escribiendo este post mientras espero que abra la puerta de embarque del vuelo que me llevará de Nassau a Miami.
Mañana tengo una reunion con la empresa de consorcio de casa, porque están empezado un diario vecinal y están buscando autores/escritores dentro del barrio. Ojalá sea algo serio e interesante, sería un lindo proyecto personal. Siendo un graduado de la escuela de periodismo y comunicaciones de FIU, el cual nunca logró encontrar su camino dentro de la publicidad y medios de comunicación, digamos que escribir para la publicación vecinal sería casi como saldar una vieja cuenta pendiente.
Tambien con ganas de darle para adelante en mis dos nuevo emprendimientos: Turtle Transportation y Pink Elephant. No preguntes acerca de los animales, no hay motivo específico!

July 22, 2016


Not one, not two, not three, not four… ten.

Well, yes. We went through one, through two, through three, through four, five, six… we went thoguht 10 years. And I think it has been beautiful.

It has been really beautiful, and more beautiful than I could have imagined when it all started, back in 2006. Back when I used to have master plans and great loving ideas. Back on that Saturday afternoon, in my green 5-door, middle-elbow-cushion-broken ford focus, when I took it upon myself to declare my love with 11 red roses and a white rose (all MY idea) to a beautiful GRINGA that I had met a little over a month ago... all minutes away from embarking on a short trip to the city that saw me grow up.
It has been more beautiful than I could have imagined when I surprised you, nine years ago, with the best ever, once-in-a-lifetime Ravioli al tucco (Italian, of course) experience. Just us. Young. Reckless. You and me, eating Ravioli al tucco wearing some very serious “Shrek and Fiona ears,” cause you love Disney (Shrek is DreamWorks, btw)
More beautiful than eight years ago when, if my memory doesn’t fail me, you convinced me that it would be BEAUTIFUL  for you to go alone to Europe, for one semester abroad and have the time of your life… without me…

But then we traveled to Orlando and watched the Blue Man Group and I totally forgot about it.
Way more beautiful than I could have imagined seven years ago, when I decided I would take just a few minutes to buy my new white, Chevy Cobalt and the day ended (enough said). And even more beautiful than six years ago when, again, you left me to go to Spain and visit all the amazing friends you met while studying abroad (just to save myself from the previous sentence).
It has been more beautiful than what I could have thought five years ago, drinking a Margarita (??) in the amazing beaches of Fort Myers, watching the sunset aboard a very expensive, 5-star yacht – which was really cool cause dolphins passed by us really close… like 3,000 feet away, and it was very unexpected.
And even more beautiful than what you could have thought, four years ago when we were planning our boring, super expensive, destination-wedding and visited so many hotels, and then we ended up doing the most amazing, never-thought-of, City-hopping style wedding (Hard to think of something more beautiful).
It has definitely been BEAUUUUTIFUL.  Like when three years ago we went to el Festival Colombiano, and it was very hot, and I pretended I was not.
Or even better, close to 3 years ago, upon our return from our honey moon and, while homeless (yikes!), we got the news that Sofi was on her way to this world. 
And more beautiful than a year later, in our private cottage in the corner of 97th and Fontainebleau Blvd, we were eagerly waking up at 3 AM to change diapers, at the sound of a catchy white-noise tune playing from the iPad in Sofi’s room.

(Pictures ended here)

And the best part of it all is that I know that the next 10 (and 20, and 30, and more…) are going to be more beautiful than the last 10. I know it sounds crazy, but "the crazier it is, the more beautiful it gets" (Juan Lopez, 2016)

I also know times are hard today. And that the world is going nuts... I propose to not care about the world and continue doing fun things together (family oriented, with an iPad nearby, just in case...).

Thank you for sharing your last 10 years with me... and still love me like if it was day one.

Love you +Manuela Rodriguez